A List Of Controversial Essay Topics For Middle School

Middle schools are never spared of essays and when it comes to standing out of the pack, every effort depends on your commitment to getting better grades. Well, essays revolve a range of topics and issues. Also, compositions come in varied forms and styles. This is what has always given rise to such paper niches as descriptive writing, cause and effect essays, comparative, argumentative and many more. Also, some types of writing are rather controversial and this can always be judged from they way they have always elicited widespread debate among readers. Notably, doing something controversial does not mean you are void of ideas but rather the desire the wade in dreaded waters of composition writing and the determination to find out facts about some things which many people dare not to take about. As a student, you should be able to write on anything and any time. This calls for practice and review of existing literature out there. Also, you must understand what you are writing about for you score some credit on controversial topic but be sure this nature of literate will not just keep heads rolling but also elicit a lot of criticism and critical analysis from the public domain. Controversial writers are adored and disliked in equal measures. In this article, we take a look at some of such topics worth taking you the direction of controversy, let’s take a look.

  • To start with, a topic like – should sex education be introduced in primary school has been doing round on social media for political reasons lately. This is something worth doing a literary piece on
  • Should women be the ones to pay bride price is a topic that fits the bill? The reason is because this is unfathomable in many parts of the world and considered a taboo
  • Should corrupt governments officials be hanged if found guilty? You can tell how much debate this would generate
  • Should slang be officiated and studied in schools?
  • Should drinking be legalized even in public offices? A drunk world that would be
  • The issue of gay rights is something detested in most third world nations. A topic like should such countries be excluded from global map would keep heads reeling
  • Should mentally disabled be subjected to corporal punishment?
  • Is global warming the end of the world?
  • Should the press be used to mislead people by the government of the day?
  • Should doctors be allowed to perform lethal injections of stubborn patients?
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