Water Pollution

Water pollution affects the quality of life in various parts of the world. It has been a major cause of many diseases such as cholera and hepatitis. It also leads to the death of aquatic animals and thus disrupts the food chain. Further, it has lead to the destruction to some of the eco-systems. Accordingly, this essay asserts that there are simple things that can be done at the household level to prevent water pollution.

Use of the Right cleaning Products and Proper Waste Management

Foremost, many people use chemical detergents during their laundry. In the end, they pollute the water supply chain. The alternative to such detergents are natural cleaners such as baking soda. Many experts indicate that such products are as effective as the chemical cleaners. In addition, people should avoid disposing off toxic waste improperly. Flushing off medication, for instance, will end up polluting the water supply chain. Still, failure to contain waste in bins will lead to pollution. Waste should, therefore, be managed well at the household level. Also, involving some authorities on dealing with such matters can help households deal with inorganic waste in a better way.

When taking care of the yard, it is important to avoid using the toxic insecticides and herbicides. Such products will contaminate the underground water during the rainy seasons and further end up pollution an entire water supply system. People should instead consider natural ways of dealing with pests and insects. Introducing some harmless insects and plants will help individuals to get rid of the unwanted pests in the yard. Still, there are many natural products that are readily available in the online platform and that can effectively deal with the problem.

Education at the Household and Community Level

Certainly, most people do not prevent water pollution because of lack of information on the subject. Therefore, at the household level, it is important for people to share the information and also come up with creative ways of dealing with the issue. Various websites and some books offer amazing insights on the subject. An extensive research on some of the problems in a home will also help people make informed decisions. Note that the education should also stretch to the rest of the community so that others can join in some of the initiatives. Indeed, water pollution can be prevented by engaging in some simple activities such as proper waste management, use of natural cleaning agents, and finding the relevant information.

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