The Unique Playwright William Shakespeare

If anyone has any knack for literature and the written word, that they would at least be fairly familiar with the name William Shakespeare. Records state that Shakespeare was born on the 26th of April in the year 1564 and died in the same month three days before his birth date in 1616 at the age of 52. He gained fame through his work in the theater that has established him as one of the finest playwrights to have ever walked on the planet. His skill, language and articulation have held the powerful potential to move viewers and readers all over the world. With artful use of language, Shakespeare’s words hold the power to move a room full of individuals to tears or to manic fits of laughter. Above all, his tales, semantically saturated as they are, speaking for the common man and make them think over the ironies of life that are often overlooked.

His Plays

Almost all of Shakespeare’s plays have earned him a great deal of love and respect, but there are some that stand out more than the others. The broad categories in which his plays are commonly divided are tragedies and comedies. Among his most famous comedies are Taming of the Shrew, A midsummer’s night’s dream and many others. His prominent tragedies include Macbeth, Hamlet and the ever popular Romeo and Juliet. All of Shakespeare’s plays are dominated by various features that make it one of a kind. His tragedies, despite being tragedies are loved because of the strength of both his male and female characters.

He has been known to explore the female identity and challenge the norms through mocking of the societal norms and expectations as is seen in Taming of the shrew. He develops complex characters such as Hamlet and Macbeth that lead to their own doom and demise but have such passionate personalities they are hard to hate by the reader. These are the unique qualities that are still unmatchable.

Shakespeare In The 21st Century

All the movie making industries in the world have at least once taken it on themselves to demonstrate their rendition of Shakespeare’s plays on screen. Whether they are comedies or tragedies, these plays have won awards and proclaimed praise from all over the world because of the various tools only a great playwright like Shakespeare can use.

These are the reasons why he is still one of his kind.

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