The Argument Of Free Will

Free will is basically someone aptitude to make choices without any exterior intimidation. Argument of Free will is one of the complex and diverse task to explore in terms of philosophy, science, Psychology and so on. Nature of free will can be visualized by many different ways. Some of the arguments favor existence of free will. Traditionally free will has been demonstrated: Is a sort of power or ability to take decisions for which one can be morally responsible. Philosopher also expressed: Free will required for a range of other things including originality, self-governance and moral values. Modern science has been demonstrated: Human beings have ability for self-monitoring. The human brain has a kind of structure that govern and monitor itself as a result one can come to a decision whether to keep on certain pattern or to change that pattern as per desire and choose different path. The human beings are free to do so, for instance, among human beings there are many cultural and individual differences, peoples may disagree with each other, many peoples can be wrong and take wrong decisions, it’s just for the reason that they are liberated to do so, because they are not put in some pattern the way that cat, dogs and birds tend to be. Some arguments suggest: Creativity is also one of the founder of free will. Peoples can create new option instead to bond on existing options. Peoples are creative, able to express yourself in words, art and literature

Some of the arguments compete against free will: No choice that peoples make to do one thing rather than something else is ever a choice made freely. Many peoples make choices on basis of the some reasons; they have at the moment of choices. If the reasons favor option A over option B, at particular moment then definitely individual will choose option A. This decision has not taken freely from choices, certain factor influences on selection from choices. Reasons behind selecting option A is basically influence by personality. We all have personality to do or to act is basically determine via combined effect of our physiology, environment and other external factor, on which we have no control. The crucial ingredients in the idea of free choices are choices under our control. Others argued that: If determination exists then the will is not free.

So free will is one of major argument among most of the philosopher, scientist, psychologist, some favor and others against: existence of free will. Debates of free will still are in consideration.

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