20 Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Julius Caesar

Many students encounter Shakespeare’s historic play “Julius Caesar” in high school, and they are often asked to write compare and contrast essays taking two or more elements from the work as the subject of their paper. Here are 20 good compare and contrast essay topics to help get you started:

  1. Provide a simple comparison of Caesar and Brutus’ view of the Roman Republic.
  2. How is the Senate’s perception of Brutus different from that of Caesar’s? How is it similar?
  3. Make a comparison between Marc Antony and Julius Caesar using only how other characters relate to each.
  4. Contrast two different monologues in the play. Consider what their intended purposes were and whether they achieved.
  5. Compare the role of the women in the play versus that of senate members in directing Caesar’s actions.
  6. Consider how Julius Caesar makes an appearance alive in only three scenes while other characters appear more often.
  7. Compare the play to other works by Shakespeare during this period (c. 1599).
  8. How does Julius Caesar compare to other Romany History plays by Shakespeare? “Antony and Cleopatra” and “Coriolanus”?
  9. Compare how Shakespeare’s work deviates from that of Plutarch’s Lives in its account of the events leading up to Caesar’s death?
  10. Compare how the crowd reacts to Brutus’ news after killing Caesar in contrast to how the crowd reacts when Caesar returns from war.
  11. Compere the death scene across the texts of Plutarch, Suetonius and Shakespeare.
  12. Compare and contrast any two works by Shakespeare and explain how the related to Julius Caesar.
  13. Compare and contrast the journeys of two of the major characters in the play. How do the two react to change?
  14. Choose any two themes of the play – greed, ambition, aspiration, betrayal – and find the similarities in the way they affect the action in the play.
  15. Compare Portia and Calpurnia in their roles as women within the play and the ways in which they affect the action of the play.
  16. How similar are Brutus and Julius Caesar in the way they are both considered tragic heroes?
  17. Find similarities between any hero and villain of your choosing and how does your perception of them change as the events unfurl?
  18. What are the differences between the action that occurs in each of the acts?
  19. How does Shakespeare use irony in this place in comparison to other dramas of this period?
  20. Choose your own theme and justify Shakespeare’s use of it to get his message across.
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