Top 40 Narrow Argumentative Essay Topics To Write About

Well, argumentative essay are some of the easiest out there. Your main job is to pick a topic and give arguments PRO's and CON regarding that particular subject. You should make your stand, and explain why you think this is right, and this is wrong. Try to make the reader change their opinion on something they wouldn't want to change it before. There are countless topics you can choose, like:

  1. Is cheating damaging the kids?
  2. Teachers grade their children, do the children deserve to do the same?
  3. Standardized tests. Are they effective? Do they measure your abilities correctly?
  4. School program. How does it affect the student?
  5. Are there too many classes for a single student?
  6. What are the students actually learning in school?
  7. Does school prepare you for "real life"?
  8. Is online teaching as good as "face to face"?
  9. How important is a college education for a student?
  10. Does technology impact our life in a good way?
  11. Are today's people too caught up in social media?
  12. How does social media networks affect our brain?
  13. Should popular social media sites have the right to spy on you?
  14. How about the government?
  15. Is the information you post on social media networks considered intellectual property? And if so, are they allowed to collect it and use it in any way shape or form?
  16. Is cyber bullying phenomena that affects everybody?
  17. How should cyber bullying victims react, especially kids when they are being "attacked"?
  18. Are smartphones slowly taking the place of real social interactions?
  19. How old should a kid before he can receive a smartphone?
  20. How will robots impact our future?
  21. Are robots reliable?
  22. Do robots and artificial intelligence pose a threat to mankind, in a realistic way?
  23. How accurate is the media these days?
  24. Does the media manipulate the viewers?
  25. How do people react when they see particular shows that should discourage certain behaviours, but it seems like they encourage it?
  26. What is the fine line between truth and sci-fi, and how can someone pinpoint it?
  27. What is our reality made of?
  28. How does it work?
  29. And if we know how it works, can we control it to a certain extent?
  30. Is the war on terror "real"?
  31. And if the terror comes from the wrong side, right in our backyard?
  32. How do wars impact small children's view of the world?
  33. Is a war just a business, a way to make money for the arms industry?
  34. How does the industry affect our planet and it's "green space"?
  35. Is our planet slowly dying?
  36. Or are the humans who are only killing themselves?
  37. Is gender equality achievable?
  38. Is any of the genders more qualified for something than other?
  39. How do men and women see the world?
  40. Is society forcing us to follow rules?
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