A Collection Of Unique Topics For Your Argumentative Essay

The key aspect of an outstanding argumentative essay is an interesting and debatable topic. Students are often asked by their teachers to write argumentative papers, but not all of them can come up with unique ideas to write about. If you have a similar problem, a list of good sample topics should help you generate an original idea for your own academic work.

A List of Impressive Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The drinking age.
  2. Is it appropriate? Should it be lower or higher?

  3. Religiousness and morality.
  4. Are all religious people moral? Does being an atheist mean being immoral?

  5. Teenagers and colleges.
  6. Do all teenagers have to go to college or they can choose different paths?

  7. Television and sex.
  8. Should it be allowed to portray scenes with sexual content on prime time TV?

  9. Too caring parents.
  10. Is it acceptable for parents to monitor the Internet use of their children?

  11. Abortion.
  12. Should abortion be allowed only in particular cases?

  13. Death penalty.
  14. Should it be banned? What crimes deserve to be punished by the death?

  15. Online dating.
  16. Will it ever replace meeting potential lovers in real life?

  17. Advertisements of medicine.
  18. Should they contain more information about side effects and warnings?

  19. Payment for good grades.
  20. Should parents do something like this? Does this help children gain knowledge?

  21. Gun ownership.
  22. Should the USA have more restrictions for owning and using guns?

  23. Children’s beauty pageants.
  24. Are they acceptable or should they be banned?

  25. Prisoners and voting.
  26. Should prisoners have an opportunity to vote or they don’t deserve this?

  27. Violence on TV.
  28. Should materials that involve brutality be demonstrated only at night?

  29. Extracurricular activities.
  30. Should all the children be engaged in extra activities like sports or music?

Composing an Argumentative Essay

To write a paper that will persuade the reader in your statements, you should present your ideas logically and support them with strong evidence. To get proof for your arguments, you’ll need to read books or articles related to your topic. Search for sources in a public library or on the web. You should have, at least, three good arguments with factual evidence to defend your position. To make your paper more interesting, you may mention one or two counterarguments. However, be careful not to make them sound more persuasive than your actual arguments. Follow a standard five-paragraph structure to convey your message in a clear manner. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation during the writing process and proofread your text afterward.

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