27 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics To Choose From

A topic is not just a statement placed at the top of your paper. It is an indication of the purpose of engaging in the writing process. It gives the reader a hint of what to expect in the inner paragraphs. It also gives your perspective or approach to the issue at hand. Choosing a topic for your argumentative essay therefore requires you to settle for an idea which you are passionate and conversant with. Your topic must be strong a unique in a way that it will arouse curiosity in the mind of the reader to entice him to peruse further into the essay.

Here is a list of fresh and unique argumentative essay topics to consider.

  1. Should cigarettes and related products be banned?
  2. Should authorities legalize prostitution considering that it has refused to die?
  3. Do the medical benefits of marijuana justify its legalization?
  4. Which is the most appropriate drinking age?
  5. Should the world outlaw nuclear weapons?
  6. Is it time to restrict gun ownership further?
  7. Which is the right age for a girl to access birth control without parental consent?
  8. Is the outlawing of controlled substances the incentive required for a thriving black market?
  9. Why should personhood be granted to corporations?
  10. When should the decision on abortion depend on the woman?
  11. Is it time to stop imports from countries allowing child labor?
  12. Is it the right of a patient to die through physician assisted suicide?
  13. Are incentives necessary for volunteers?
  14. Should scientific tests continue to be done one animals?
  15. Is death penalty the best solution to heinous crimes?
  16. Does atheism make one less moral than theism?
  17. Is hate speech part of the freedom of speech?
  18. Is it an infringement to conduct pre-employment drug tests?
  19. Should public museums remove nude photographs?
  20. Are children focused beauty pageants necessary?
  21. Is college too much pressure on teenagers?
  22. What rights are immigrants entitled to?
  23. Is it possible to have genuine love without expectations between heterosexual man and woman?
  24. Is men catcalling caused by the revealing dressing by women?
  25. Should curfews for minors be legalized?
  26. Is online dating a real replacement for real meetings?
  27. Are prisoners entitled to the right to vote?

It is not enough to have a strong argumentative essay topic. Your content must be supported by substantive points. The points must be organized in a clear and coherent manner.

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