Nonviolence Resistance

Nonviolence resistance is an act of non-co-operation and non-violent disobedience towards any authority or institution. Nonviolence resistance is a part of synchronized and organized protest designed by a leader in the interest of mass population or group. One of the apt examples of such resistance in history is of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in India, during the British rule. This paper talks about the brief history and understanding of nonviolence resistance.

The concept of nonviolence resistance became more popular after the revolutionary efforts of Gandhi in India. His salt march, various organized protests and absolute resistance against British government with the wide-spread support and momentum from the Indian population brought huge changes in India. His aim was to avoid violence in bringing the justice to the society against unfair rules of government. Nelson Mandela is also one of the many peace fighters; and an inspiring example of nonviolence resistance in Africa. A nonviolent resistant movement in Arab spring have made a stunning example of efficacy of masses. Organized civilians have remarkable strengths in terms of showing unity and bringing reforms in existing situations.

History demonstrates the efficacy and safety of peaceful resistance in many countries. A deep look in Gandhi’s philosophy about such resistance explains that the methods used in action are effective against the determined authority because of the truth and justice behind the thinking process of civilians. His thoughts were clear about the exponential growth of negativity that a violent protest generates among the minds of people. A nonviolent resistance bestows skills like patience and justice in a person. His actions and application of such movements brought India freedom it deserved.

Absconding the use of physical force in a movement is easy, handy and irritating to the opposite party in many ways. One cannot punish or detain a nonviolent person for giving a speech, fasting or marching. These methods are proven to be successful throughout the course of history.

To conclude, nonviolence resistance is the first and last resort against any injustice that occurs to the masses. Disobedient civilization gathered against one unjustified issue or rule is strongest force of all. Physical resistance including violence has its flaws affecting the poor people. Modern leaders from almost all the countries follow and advice these kind of protest for true reform and advancement of the population.

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