10 Points You Should Discuss In An Essay On King Arthur

An essay about King Arthur can be an impressive challenge because the information that is related to this half-mythical person is close to being a fairy tale.

Where to Search for Information

The information about King Arthur is doubtful, debatable, and very controversial. If you are going to compose an essay dedicated to this personality, you need to search for the most reliable source materials. The point is that there is plenty of information that can be found at different websites, in newspapers and magazines, and even in research papers, but there is no guarantee that it’s trustworthy. This is why you need to pick out the most reputable sources that are more likely to render trustworthy facts without mixing them with legends.

Several Points to Discuss

  1. What’s the Glastonbury Abbey that hosts the so-called Arthur and Guinevere’s tomb?
  2. Are there any facts that can confirm that the bodies in the tomb are the royal couple?
  3. Why do people believe that one day King Arthur will return to save England from decay?
  4. Are the images of the King in legends, history, and chivalric romance the same personality?
  5. Can it be that the heroic King is a symbolic mythical character that was created by the ancient British tribesmen in the face of the Anglo-Saxon conquests?
  6. What is the Isle of Avalon? Can it be the Glastonbury Tor that used to be surrounded with water from time to time, turning into a sacred island?
  7. What’s the popular legendary motif of a place where the time flows in a different way so that a person who visits his place can return to the outer world centuries later?
  8. How did the Christian and pagan traditions meet at the top of the Glastonbury hill?
  9. Can it be that the Holy Grail is not a bowl, as it’s usually depicted, but a metaphysical thing?
  10. What’s the sacred place in Glastonbury: a Druidic temple, an observatory, or a portal between the worlds?

A Thing to Remember

Choosing a topic to discuss in your essay, you need to remember that it should be interesting to both you and your readers. Keeping in mind the fact that everything about King Arthur is rather unexplored and quite interesting, you can choose practically any topic. Yet, you need to remember that the lack of reliable information can put obstacles on your way. So, before you make your final topic choice, find out whether there is enough information to provide your research.

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