Contribution Of Information System Management In Emirates Engineering To The Success Of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Engineering is considered to be having an enhanced aircraft maintenance system with world’s one of the smartest and latest technology approved by GCAA CAR V. Emirates Engineering operates with the high standard and luxurious Airbus and Boeing aircraft partnering with 30 other airlines as Code Share maintained by a third-party under the contract. Emirates staffs are very much capable and equipped for setting high standard industry benchmarks. They handle all aspects of Quality, Maintenance, Planning, Engineering, and Logistics. With hard works blended with a dedication to the quality standard and excellent levels of safety has assisted Emirates Engineering to build its world-leading position in airline maintenance.

The operation of the Emirates Engineering is spread throughout its organisation. Engineering IT Systems section operates the technical environment as per set standard. It handles information systems and integrates function, optimises resources and improves the technical reliability to all Engineering departments. The system enhances the user systems by utilizing a common platform and the shared network. It contains ACARS which helps to develop fleet dispatch dependability and performance. To ensure world-class information support to all Emirates Engineering departments, investment in improving system is a regular process that also provides many additional benefits that include: Enhanced and advanced systems to effect support implementing the process by integrating information sharing.

A unique management system to secure safe market functions using the requirement of hardware and software in cooperation with the IT department of Emirates.

On Time support for current systems and the regular analysis through evaluating and implementing new systems.

To ensure regulatory compliances and measurement of flight performance and monitoring the reliability of the aircraft, Emirates needs a strong system based on analysis of types through a real-time analytical reports that help to identify and control technical problems and to provide with fast solutions. It also helps to initiate investigations and improvements of efficiency and effectiveness of the aircraft. Being world’s top and most advanced aircraft maintenance and engineering software solution, it needs to increase its contribution for Emirates to grow and succeed.

Emirates has recently tied a knot with Ramco and GE Aviation to effect the new flow management system in Dubai. It is anticipating that GE's new technology will important and advanced changes to the aviation progress in Dubai. It will lead to improving frequency of flight landing and utilisation of runway with improved efficiency, reduced fuel expense and added to its passenger connectivity. Emirates Engineering is an active part of the organization, and it always tries to implement effective co-operation to a demanding business plan with significant operational domains.

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