List Of 20 Great Essay Topics Related To Animals Kept In Zoos

A good essay topic is always somewhat controversial. The most interesting ones are dedicated to the most debatable matters. The matter of zoos is one of them.

How to Choose a Good Topic?

Explore the Internet. The matter of zoos and animal rights has already become a popular concern. You will definitely find a number of interesting suggestions at specialized websites. Besides that, you can get inspiration from source literature or online forums where animal rights activists declare their ideas, demands, and arguments.

Below, there is a range of interesting essay topic ideas that you may like, too.

  1. Explain the reasons why in zoos, animals so rarely breed naturally.
  2. Can a wild animal feel really well and sound in unnatural conditions?
  3. Should all the zoos, regardless of their quality, be closed down?
  4. Can a zoo create comfortable conditions for any animal?
  5. Explain the reasons why some zoos leave a depressive feeling.
  6. Is it possible to replace zoos with natural sanctuaries?
  7. Is it more interesting to watch animals in a zoo than in a wildlife sanctuary?
  8. What do you think, would more people visit natural wildlife sanctuaries more eagerly if they were as easily accessible as zoos?
  9. Can it be that animals feel better in zoos than in their natural habitat?
  10. Is it a good idea to keep animals under the threat of extinction in zoos for the sake of their survival?
  11. Have you ever been to a zoo in which animals seem to be as happy and satisfied as in their natural habitat?
  12. If all the zoos and circuses were closed down right now, would all the animals survive in the wild nature?
  13. Would you participate in a public event that is dedicated to the problem of improper life of animals in zoos and circuses? Explain your reasons.
  14. Is it correct to use the image of encaged humans in the materials that are dedicated to the harm zoos cause to animals?
  15. Do you think that children need zoos for safe communication with wild animals?
  16. Are the rights of animals really violated by keeping them in zoos?
  17. How do you think, is the meaning of zoos and circuses for the economy big enough to preserve them from closing down by all means?
  18. What was your own first experience and impression of visiting a zoo for the first time?
  19. Is it even possible that staying in zoos is better for some animals than staying in the wild nature?
  20. Why are zoos treated so negatively while animals have enough food and medical care when kept in them?
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