Picking Up Successful Essay Topics: Tips & Examples

When studying as a student you will be assigned to write an essay and choose a topic for it by yourself. This may confuse some students, because not everyone can come up with a good topic right away. If you’re struggling witch picking a good topic for your paper, you should know some basic tips regarding this matter. These tips are given below.

  1. Pick a topic in which you’re interested.
  2. Think about anything that will be interesting for you to learn and write about. This is the best way to build a strong foundation for a good paper. If you’re excited about your topic, this will be clearly seen in your work. Enthusiastic writing might bring you a high score even if you have some mistakes.

  3. Pick a topic which you’re familiar with.
  4. Another way to compose a decent essay is to select a topic that you know very well. This will allow you to spend more time on writing and editing your paper, because you won’t need to do thorough research on your topic. Additionally, if you’re an expert in your topic, it’ll be much easier for you to raise and support your arguments.

  5. Pick a topic that will be interesting for everybody.
  6. You may also select a topic that will be useful or interesting to read about for any of your readers. Of course, this method might not be as exciting as writing about your interests, and you’ll have to research your topic thoroughly, but a well written paper on a topic that concerns everyone will definitely bring you a high score.

Here you may look at some good essay topics that might inspire you on coming up with your own brilliant idea:

  1. Why animals shouldn’t be kept in zoos.
  2. How nuclear weapons help in keeping peace and stability.
  3. Boys and girls should study in separate schools.
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of death penalty.
  5. An appropriate age for people to start dating.
  6. What our world would be if there were no rules and laws.
  7. Students should use electronic devices instead of ordinary textbooks.
  8. Government should spend more money on space exploration programs.
  9. The influence of fashion on our society.
  10. How we became dependant on our computers.
  11. What would be if Napoleon lived in the modern world?
  12. Should we have the jobs that only men are allowed to do?

These tips and examples will help you easily pick your own essay topic.

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