Critics Of Disney Cartoon Movies

Every famous and successful company has its enemies. Even if the company does something as sweet, funny and interesting, as cartoons for kids. The Walt Disney Company is one of the world's most famous cartoon productions. Over the years of production this company has faced tons of criticism and even lawsuits from all over the world. Critics come from the minds of parents and teachers, lawyers and activists, public persons and artists. This essay will investigate what bad could a cartoon producer have done and if it is justified.

One of the most dated and popular concern of parents and racial diversity activists were the speculations that the Walt Disney Company uses stereotypical images of non-white races in their cartoons. These complaints referred to a number of cartoons, including The Snow White and Seven Dwarfs (mentioning the “nigger pile” quote), the Song of the South with its Sunflower character and even several episodes of Micky Mouse’s adventures. However, such “unfair treatment” can only be determined, judging from our society and rules that we adhere to at present. When these cartoons were first created, interracial relationships have been treated differently, causing all the references in Disney cartoons.

Another concern of the activists all over the world was the alleged hidden messages and sexual images, what could allegedly cause direct change of audience and orientation of the producers on the grown-up viewers. That concern related, among others to The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Alladin and many other cartoons. For example, after examining the castle of King Triton in The Little Mermaid, it was decided that the shape of the castle resembles a penis and Disney’s designer could not prove that it was just a coincidence. Another cause of critics were the brief cases of nudity of Jessica Rabbit character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

A lot more problems caused Disney their relationship with Pixar and Miramax, some of their adventure parks and many more. However, the question with the cartoons remains open. Are they safe for children all around the globe to watch? Millions of kids go to cinemas and rent DVDs of Disney’s cartoon movies and none or very few of them or their parents knows about all the alleged hidden messages. As a person, who practically grew up with Roger Rabbit, Aladdin and Simba, and is a sustainable, responsible, normally developed adult, I have to say that people shall not invent problems, where there are none.

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