Criminal Mind

There are many questions if the is any similarities between criminals. From the body structure, criminals look different. They do not share any physique traits. A criminal may take any physical characteristics. You cannot tell who is a criminal by just looking at their physical appearance. It is, however, believed that most criminals have many things in common when it comes to the inner being and the biological traits. This is according to research that has been done by the brain and biological risk factors analyzed.

Brain structure and function

The human brain has many sections that handle different body functions. In the research to show if criminals have similar brain traits, the amygdala that is the part of the brain that deals with social interactions, fear and aggression was studied. This is the section of the brain that is mainly implicated with criminal activities. According to the research, it was noted that many men at the age of 26 years and having a lower volume of the amygdala are three times likely to be involved in violence and aggressive activities. This was not the case in those of the same age with a normal amygdala. These men are also likely to show psychopathic traits in three years’ time more that those with normal amygdala size. The amygdala functioning is also significantly reduced for these people. In a research in the University of Pennsylvania, the fear conditioning of a group of kids playing with tons was observed. These participants were observed twenty years later. They identified those that had committed a crime and compared them with those that had not committed any crime. It was noted that those that had committed crimes never showed any signs of fear conditioning when they were young. This shows defects in the size or functioning of the amygdala.

Behavioral traits

The human behavior is determined by the state of mind. The brain organ plays an important and critical role in determining the response of persons to certain circumstances. Those people that have got very high levels of adrenaline are bound to be very violent. They also may show certain traits that show they are not easily frightened or have a respond very fast to threats. Kids that exhibit signs of quick anger and violence when they are young may end up being involved in crime in their later age. This shows that criminals have some common brain traits that make them behave in the manner that they do. There is. However, more research being done to show how these traits lead them to commit crimes.

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