Picking A Topic For A Personal Compare Contrast Essay

Generally, a compare and contrast essay will involve writing about two different topics; however, it is possible to write about more than two different topics. When writing about these different topics, you will wish to identify any particular similarities that may exist. Furthermore, you will also need to examine the different topics closely in order to find any differences.

In fact, some compare and contrast essays will look at different topics that are very similar, with only minor differences between them; whilst other papers will be based on two different topics that are drastically different, and only loosely connected by minor similarities.

As part of the paper, you will be looking at these differences and similarities in order to try and come to a conclusion as to what relation the two topics have, and how similar or different they are.

Writing a personal compare and contrast essay

Whilst there are various forms of compare and contrast papers, a personal style will generally require you to look at two different topics that are close to you in some way. For example, you may wish to look at any hobbies that you may have, so that you can then compare and contrast any similarities and differences between them. Alternatively, you may choose to look at people that are close to you, such as family members, and compare and contrast them.

Generally, when writing about personal topics, it can limit the amount of research that you need to do, and will instead require you to use your imagination to a much greater extent. Nevertheless, you may still the required to carry out some research, in order to learn more about the two topics that you are discussing.

In order to pick two good topics to write about, it is a good idea to first think of a general theme that you wish to use for your paper and then identify related topics connected with that theme. For example, you may wish to think of a theme such as toys, and the further two topics based on the them could then be two specific toys that you may have played with when you were younger.

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