How To Compose A Winning Essay Title: Useful Advice

The title of your essay is important because it’s the first thing anyone reads. Writing a catchy and winning title is one of the keys to getting a good grade. If you are reading this, you probably need help with writing one. There are a few tips you will find below that might be useful.

Remember when writing a title that it depends on the subject you are studying and the accepted format for your homework. Different types of papers will require cover pages or other title rules you need to follow. Not to mention, each teacher may want something different for the title format, and those instructions should take first priority over any general advice you find on the internet.

Composing a title for your paper

Here are some tips:

  • Write the essay first, and worry about the title last. You won’t know what to title it until you have the body of the work down and you are focused on the subject matter. Usually then you can think of a creative title.
  • Think of the why behind your writing. What is the purpose of this assignment? Work part of your thesis statement or topic question into the title.
  • Use a popular phrase to create a pun or interesting statement. Something like “Cat Got Your Tongue?” or anything related to your subject matter
  • Combine the unusual with the ordinary. If you can think of something commonly associated with your particular topic and then add an unexpected element to it, you can draw reader interest

The title is only worth a small percentage of your grade and obviously, the actual essay is more important, but you do still want to be professional in your title choice. Sometimes the smaller things add up and you do not want to lose part of your grade because of a missing or lackluster title choice. If you can use one or more of the above tips, it will help to create imagination and interest in your title.

Think about words, phrases and subjects related to your main topic that you can possibly use for a title. It is essential that your title not only be interesting but relevant because a great title that has nothing to do with your paper is not doing its job. If you need to, you can ask a friend or your teacher for help thinking of one.

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