Counting Pennies In America: The Death Penalty

For many years the Death Penalty has been questioned and there has been much controversy behind the moral values of the issue. There are many factors that demonstrate just how ineffective the punishment really is and it is actually costing more money than any other type of punishment would really cost. If evaluated, America just might save much more money on finding more efficient ways to issue punishment than immediately turning to the needle as a solution.

The implementation of capital punishment has been controversial from the beginning because it may seem that it deters murders, but it is also seen as cruel and unusual punishment which is a violation of the 8th Amendment written in the United States Constitution. The motivation behind preventing crimes like murder taking place are commendable, but the money that it costs to carry out this punishment is questionable as to it is worth spending carrying out such a task. Studies have shown that the cost of the death penalty have actually exceeded the cost of non-death penalties carried out throughout the year.

Legislators would be advised to consider more cost-efficient alternatives to the death penalty that will also deter criminal activity and increase the morality of the value of the lives of humans. They need to determine a way that isn’t seen as a violation of a citizen’s life to live their life to its fullest without execution and rather serve a reasonable sentence for their crime. Although the laws are left in the hands of the legislators, one must understand the pressure put on these people with re-election in mind might cloud their judgment into giving in to the wishes of others. The preferences of others may not like the decision made on the bill from either side and there is conflict with the final passing of the bill despite any circumstances, but the legislators are paid to handle public policy and must bring a solution to the table.

The money paid to those who are left to bring solutions also goes into the costs of the results they provide, and the costs continue to grow as more bills are presented. There is a cost to every decision that is made, and America should be prepared to face each costs for the sake of public policy. However, the cost does not need to break the bank, and instead there should be ways in order to reduce the cost and save money that will help a life, not take it.

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