A List Of Persuasive Essay Topics On The Year 2014 For University

When writing a persuasive essay you really have to feel confident about the stance you are taking. There will be more than one side to the argument, and the best persuasive essay topic is one that has two distinct sides that people can feel passionate about. Most likely, you will choose a side few people agree with and make a strong argument for it. You must also present the opposing viewpoint. Here are some great topic ideas to get you started:

  • The Russian government made a mistake by limiting currency controls and that’s what caused the tumble of the ruble in 2014.
  • The Ebola virus outbreak in the United States was a planned terrorist attempt that failed.
  • The world’s nations took adequate measures to free the abducted Nigerian school girls.
  • Record cold weather systems recorded in the U.S. were caused by global warming.
  • Details of the missing Malaysia Air Plane were purposefully hidden due to a massive cover-up.
  • Turkey exaggerated the number of dead in the mining accident to secure more financial aid.
  • The European spacecraft named Rosetta could not have landed on a comet.
  • Oil rich countries planned the crash of world oil prices to place economic burdens on Western countries’ economies.
  • Scotland was pressured to vote to stay in the United Kingdom with threats they would experience economic collapse if they left.
  • Protests in Hong Kong promoting democracy were hidden from world view and didn’t get the exposure they deserved.
  • The acceptance of two more States to legalize marijuana is the beginning of a marijuana-accepting nation.
  • Obama’s action on Immigration is unconstitutional.
  • Defense secretary Chuck Hagel resigned because of a loss of confidence in his abilities to manage the defense budget.
  • The National Football League brought shame to itself with its handling of domestic violence cases regarding some of its top players.
  • One of Osama bin Laden’s son in laws, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, was wrongfully convicted of conspiring to kill Americans.

Essay topics that have political, economic or religious foundations are often the source of a lot of controversy. Everyone seems to take a different side. Depending on the situation surrounding the events that occurred and how it is portrayed by the media, it’s easy to make a quick judgment about the results. Extensive research is needed to uncover the facts.

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