Village Life Is Better: Essay Topics For College Students

There has been a return of people living back near the center of a town. When that town is small, the people who live in it and around the perimeter of it have noticed an increase in the quality of life. Since this is a new hot trend, you may be assigned a paper on the subject. Use our list of topic ideas for writing on village life and how it is better.

Village Life is Better: Essay Topics for College Students

  • Homes over shops-the fact that many of the homes are over the shops of the local businessmen and women make the entire hamlet more conscious of the owners. People are more willing to keep an eye for the shops and for the occupants above the shops. Crime then decreases in this setting. Because of this decrease, the entire area will probably just have two to three police officers. Everyone becomes a watchful eye.
  • Doctors and health care-the return of the doctor who makes house calls is an added benefit. This becomes possible because the doctor knows everyone and the area is smaller. There may not be a hospital in the immediate area, and that should be noted.
  • The town center-these types of living arrangements tend to have more fairs, local music, and craft type shows. The center of the town will have a large grassy area for these events. When the events are not being held the villagers will have their evening walks and weekend picnics at the town’s center.
  • Less driving-some people give up the automobile completely. People will walk more and therefore get in healthier shape. There are less car sounds and gas fumes. The fewer cars there are the less traffic accidents there are. Cars simply become small in number.
  • Schools and pubs-normally you do not think of the two things as being lumped together. But the local pub and the local school are based on the premise that everyone knows your name and everyone then cares for each other a bit more. A warmer sense of community then exists.
  • Churches-there will be a church if almost every denomination. You can have your pick of which one you wish to attend, or may not attend at all if you wish. The warm feeling extends to all in the area. This makes for a great place to raise a family.
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