Picking Up Strong Opinion Essay Topics For 6th Grade Students

Writing academic papers is a tough job for students specially when they have to think of the topic on their own. This is because most students prefer to have a set of instructions to follow and a defined subject by their teacher to address. This behavior is mainly because of our education system that does not allow for individuality, originality and personalized assignments for everyone. When students are trained with such an education system, they find it hard to choose a topic on their own and write a paper about it

An opinion essay is the kind of assignment where you have to pick a subject and choose your stance about it. This stance is based your personal preferences and opinions but you must find enough evidence to support your opinion in the body of your paper. If you are having a trouble choosing the right topic for your opinion paper, you should consider getting help. This website can assist you in choosing the best ideas for your opinion paper. Make sure that you pick a topic that matches your interests so that you can easily write about it

Here are a few topics to start an opinion paper in 6th grade. If any of them is beyond your scope or interest, then you should ignore that one. You can alter and edit these topics to create your own so that there are less chances of plagiarism in your assignment

  1. Terrorism is not associated with a certain religion
  2. Killing the innocent in any form or harming them should be punishable equally for everyone
  3. Capitalism and feudalism are failed theories and should not be practiced any longer
  4. Children should have the choice to decide their careers but they must have someone to guide them
  5. Life should always have a balance because too much or too little of anything is bad
  6. Junk food companies are the reason for many diseases and health issues in most developed nations
  7. Companies that test products on animals should be banned
  8. Being environment friendly should not be an option rather it should be mandatory for all product manufacturers
  9. It is easier to start a service based business if you are looking to build a small company
  10. Girls are more responsible than boys for most of the things in their lives
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