A Selection Of Winning Argumentative Essay Topics For 12th Grade

The last year of high school can be hard for any student. You are close to finish your education and the expectations of your professors are higher and higher. It’s not easy to satisfy their requirements, and it will take even more study for your final exams. When you write an essay, you have to prove that you memorized everything you learned in the last years. To choose a good topic is the first step for an excellent piece, so check out these ideas:

  • Democracy. How is this any better than any political system? Surprisingly, some people still think that communism is the only system that can make a country successful. Bring arguments o support your point.
  • Teen pregnancy. Even if having a child at a young age does not seem such a big problem, the truth is that this can influence both the mother and the child in very bad way. Their entire life will be full of difficulties and problems.
  • Drinking and driving. Some countries are tolerant to this behavior, and they allow drivers to drink a small amount of alcohol. Even so, it is proved that even the tiniest bit of alcohol can slow down your reflexes and cause an accident.
  • Water pollution. This is a serious matter that could affect us on long term. Many chemical factories dispose their trash in the water, in this way endangering the environment. Are there any solutions that we can apply?
  • Books or computers? Most of the students prefer to read on the internet, instead of buying and reading an actual book. Do you think that think practice could affect them in any way on long term? Which one do you prefer?
  • Electric cars. Even if the ones present now are only prototypes, apparently in a few years this will be something common. It is seen as a good alternative to regular cars, an alternative that will reduce the transportation costs and protect the environment in the same time.
  • Free Wi-Fi. Since the access to Internet was declared a human right, more and more companies consider the possibility of free internet for all citizens. Do you think that this could lead to progress, or that it would not make any difference?
  • World War 3. Make an imagination exercise and try to expose how it would be, from your perspective, the next World War and why.
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