Black White Biracial Identity

The history of the United States of America has got a rich culture which exhibits black and white racial identity. Despite how people feel well educated in the society set up or how people feel tolerant, ethnicity does not alters the reality that biracial identity is one of the most challenging situations to cope within the society. In most case, biracial identity result to racial discrimination whereby individuals are judged by the skin color and not their deeds or qualifications.

Racial Discrimination

Biracial identity is very evident in United States whereby the minority groups, blacks, were high discriminated by their white dominant groups on the basis of skin color. Racism has been a major challenge in United States dating back in colonial era where the black men were put into forced labor. The black Americans frequently attacked, forcibly assimilated into the culture of Europe and often relocated. White collar jobs were awarded based on the skin color and thus it was very hard for a Native American to secure a job in American industries despite their qualifications.

However, over the last few decades, through affirmative action by the government and other non-governmental efforts, the conditions have been reversed. The current president of United States has a biracial identity. In other words, he has both an American and African background. This is a true picture of how American culture has evolved over the last decades. However, the racial discrimination has not yet fully been eliminated despites all American citizens been awarded equal opportunities. Incidental racism is among the current American trend, which gives other races equal chances but uses other aspect to justify racist practices.

What Should Be Done To End Racial Discrimination

Although much has been achieved, there is yet a lot to be done in order to find long-term solutions to the racism in United States as well as other nation which have biracial individuals. The conception of racial equality is still experienced in United States, and therefore, the youth need to be taught on how to optimize the surrounding environment to support racial tolerance and equality. Adults as well should be role model to their children if the dangers of this stereotype are to be solved permanently.

Whether biracial or nonracial, everyone is a human being and deserves to be treated fairly and equally to other citizens. Biracial individuals should be given opportunities to learn the culture of both sides without discrimination due to their skin color. Both black and white individuals should be provided with equal learning and employment opportunities.

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