The 25 Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

Talking about persuasive essay topic ideas for college students, being a student in college simply means that most of your daytime hours are spent within the four walls of your classroom. There are days that it gets extremely boring and time seems to have stood still. All these makes you think of changes you would love to make in order to make your school life a lot easier and enjoyable. There are very limited opportunities for students to speak up as far as it concerns these issues and in most cases, they have no choice than to face their studies squarely.

If this seems like you, then you have a good opportunity to talk about those changes that would make your life and that of other students easier. Here are some persuasive essay topics you can start with. They are:

  • Is school security tougher than necessary?
  • A Girls’ centre should be created at school
  • Should the cafeteria hours be extended?
  • Should there be issuance of more parking passes at school?
  • Free tutoring should be provided by the school
  • Should students of drinking age be allowed access to alcohol on campus?
  • Should quiet hours be enforced in college dormitories?
  • Should there be more free time for college students?
  • Standardized testing – To be or not to be?
  • Internships versus work study programs – Which is best for getting students prepared for the huge and
  • intimidating job market?
  • Should athletic facilities be made available to every student?
  • There should be a reduction in tuition fees for students who engage in volunteer works in college
  • Teen-targeted dieting adverts should be banned?
  • Should a shortened length of school day be enforced in colleges?
  • Should it be made mandatory for students to take a year off in college?
  • Extreme sporting activities should not be encouraged in colleges?
  • There should be a ban on the marketing of extremely expensive clothing to young people?
  • Students should have a say on whether a particular teacher should stop taking them in classes
  • College students should be offered more opportunities to travel and study abroad
  • Should extreme measures be taken concerning code of dressing in colleges?
  • Should there be more breaks within a given school year?
  • Would security cameras in certain places be intruding in students’ privacy?
  • Should students with tattoos and piercings be denied internships in certain places?
  • Should election campaign adverts targeted at college students be discouraged?
  • Should there be more study time for college students?
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