Antisemitism - From The Ancient World To The Holocaust

The hatred toward Jews dates back to the Ancient world. Everywhere through the history, on the every continent, almost in every country, it's easy to find the pieces of evidence of the hostile behavior toward Jewish people just because they are Jewish. This prejudice is called antisemitism. In total, believing in antisemitism considered to be a form of racism.

Different types of antisemitism

Depending on the reasons of the hate, antisemitism can be:

  • social;
  • economic;
  • religious;
  • political etc.

All these different form of hate toward Jewish people demonstrate that the origins of anti-Semitic prejudices are rooted in different historical periods. Although, it's hard to determine a type of antisemitism implied in the specific case because it manifests itself in different ways and usually is a complex mix of reasons.

The history of antisemitism

The hostility toward Jewish people begins from Ancient times, maybe from the very beginning of their history. During all historical periods, including the days of the Bible or Roman Empire, Jews always tried to remain a separate social group and were punished for it. The explanations of this hate were also different - from the myth, that Jews use the blood of Christian children for their rituals to the Jews' efforts to be a separate religious group.

The rise of Christian religion rapidly increased this ancient hostile belief. Now they were seen not only as a hostile people with their own culture and rituals but also as a people who rejected and crucified Jesus Christ. By the middle ages Jews were forced to live in All-Jewish ghettos, were called as "Devils" or just "Christ-killers". Moreover, during the diseases Jewish people were accused of poisoning wells and rivers and considered to be the reason of the problems.

Notable examples of antisemitism throughout history include:

  • the various pogroms of 1096s;
  • the exile from England in 1290;
  • Spanish Inquisition and the extrusion from Spain in 1492;
  • Ukraine. Cossack massacres (1648-1657)
  • the pogroms in Russia (between 1821 and 1906) etc.

The Holocaust

But one of the saddest parts of the Jewish history is a genocide of approximately six million Jews during the Nazi regime. This cruel event in the history of a mankind was caused by Adolf Hitler from 1941 to 1945 and was named the Holocaust. During this mass murder in German-occupied Europe, Jewish people were methodically targeted and murdered in the one of the largest genocide ever.

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