Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are commonly described as intimidation or hurt due to being different from others in some aspects. The most aspects that lead to hate crimes are the religion, nation of origin, sex orientation, ethnicity, disability and race. The main reason as to why hate crimes are so common is because most people who perform the act get away with it unpunished. This is because of the lack of an elaborate way in the judiciary that allows for the punishment of these doers. Some people feel that punishing a person that commits a hate crime may lead to interference with some rights. Others go unpunished because the victims prefer not to report the incidents due to various reasons. However, you will agree with me that these cases do a lot of harm to the society and need to be punished. Effects of hate crimes on individuals may be very reaching. They at times may lead to stress and self-denial. Governments should put in place systems that will allow for severe punishment to those that perform the hate crimes. Programs to help victims deal with the crime should also be started and supported by the government and other groups in the society.

The various forms of Hate Crimes

Hate crimes take different forms. Some may be very hurting but are done in a very strategic way that many would not view them as a crime. This makes it even harder to punish the perpetrators. The most common forms are verbal, rape, destruction of property, robbery, physical harassment, sexual assault and the use of offensive signs. Some forms that are against a religion will include attacks to the places of worship and the use of graffiti to print offensive slogans at the places of worship of the target group. All these forms have different effects. Some are direct targets to individuals while others target groups.

Why are hate crimes prevalent?

The cases are so common because most people are ignorant. They do not care to understand that we cannot all be the same. We cannot all share a common origin or even a belief. Many people will thus have funny things to do to those that are different from them. Other people will despise others that are different to them to be equal. At times, they have a low self-esteem and want to try and deal with it by performing hate crimes on others. Others will want to revenge not necessarily directly to those that hurt them, but by doing it or any other person that is different from them.

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