Catch 22

Catch 22 is an American satirical novel written by Joseph Heller. Joseph started writing this novel in 1953 and published it for the first time in 1961. The novel was often cited among the greatest literature works in the twentieth century. The novel makes use of distinctive non-chronological omniscient of the third person narration, which portrays events from different character point of view.

The novel is set between 1942 and 1944 during on the Second World War. The novel based on the life of a United States Army, Air Forces B-25 bombardier Captain, John Yossarian. Most events in the Catch-22 novel happen while fictional 256th is based on the Pianosa Island in Mediterranean Sea in the western side of Italy. The novel portrays the yossarian experiences in the camp as well as the feeling of the other airmen, who tried to keep their sanity while performing their duties in order to get back to their homes.

The Plotline of the Catch-22

The title of the novel is derived from the plot device which is recurrently invoked in the novel. The novel begins as paradoxical requirements which are set to make sure that the airmen do not find an escape from their duty under any circumstance. Towards the end of the novel, Joseph Heller is invoked to exhibit negative situations.

Another plotline joseph portrays is the recurring attempts by the 256th squadron airmen to evade combat missions which seems to result to several deaths while still in their duty over Italy. Almost all their attempts are always comical; if an officer, advices on certain string representing the states and the front line on a map, they are unable to fly if it goes past their target. The airmen remained obsessively watching the string until when secretly yossarian goes to the string and the mission gets cancelled.

The officer is not pleased and thus assigns the airmen another dangerous mission. The ultimate mission of the escape is to have at least one airman declared unfit mentally for the duty but neither of the airmen is willing to happen through the catch-22 eponymous. Despite their best effort, majority of the airmen losses their life as time goes on.

Horror in Catch-22

Towards the end of the novel, the novel is characterized with horrors events. The horror starts with an attack on undefended mountain village in Italy which results to despair of the Chaplain and Doc Daneeka, disappearance of Clevinger and Orr from the combat mission and the death of the an airman, Dunbar who was a very close friend to yossarian. Another horror incidence involves the rape and killing of Miochaeda, who was a symbol of a pure innocence.

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