African Americans And Crack Cocaine

Currently, unequal outcomes across different races are present due to the ongoing drug wars. Racial discrimination is evident in these wars in nations with people of diverse cultures and races. Racial discrimination in such matters is evident in law enforcement processes. Consequently, some races may suffer misery due to the ongoing but unfair wars. Although drug sale use and sale patterns are comparable to different races in the world, some races are more likely to be suspected, stopped, arrested after searches and also prosecuted. Besides the likelihood of some races being convicted for the mistakes is high. Similarly, these races are likely to suffer incarceration for the violation of drug laws compared to what the whites would face. Similarly, the African Americans suffer the same due to crack cocaine.

Crack Cocaine and the justice system

Currently, in America, drug wars are ongoing. The Latinos and the American Americans are racially discriminated when it comes to such matters. The rates of both arrests and incarceration among the two racial groups are higher than for the whites. However, this does not represent the rate of increase or prevalence of Crack cocaine in the two races. The sales and use of the cocaine may be even lower compared to the whites. The implication of this is the emphasis on how law enforcement in America majorly dwells on low-income societies, unfairness in the justice system and focus on people of particular colors. There is the belief that there is the mass criminalization of African Americans. The drug acts are in the efforts of the elimination of misappropriate and unfair perpetuation of African Americans and the Latinos. Crack cocaine had much more harsh penalties compared to the powder cocaine. The penalty was 100 times more. This was until 2010 when the ratio of the penalty was reduced to 18 times. All convicted of the crime of using and selling the drug are restricted from voting. Also, they cannot be licensed for any businesses. Worse still they are denied other services including public assistance. Sadly, all these penalties and punishments are more likely to fall on African Americans. There are efforts to reduce and combat the discriminatory low enforcement procedures.

African Americans and Crack Cocaine: Effects on Education

In the 1980s, there were major crackdowns of crack cocaine dealers. Crackdown as in markets and cities lead to the arrest of several students both white and black. However, African Americans were 73% those arrested were the blacks. The same percentage represents the fall outs of youths in school among black students.

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