The term “epiphany” has been used to refer to somewhat different things even though they are all related in some way. From ancient Greek the word is “epiphaneia” meaning a striking appearance or a manifestation. In essence, epiphany is an experience of a drastic and striking awareness.

Still stemming out of the Greek origin, epiphany implies the vision of God in more religious terms especially connected to the Christian faith. For Christians, it is a feast day that rejoices over the revelation of God’s son as a human being in the form of Jesus Christ. In Western Christianity the epiphany feast revels mainly though not entirely the Magi visit to the baby Jesus and most importantly the physical manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles. Christians to the eastern side look at Jesus’ baptism that was conducted in the Jordan River taken as his exhibition to the universe as God’s son.

The concept of breakthrough

Epiphany is basically word used to define a drastic and tremendous breakthrough in various life aspects. It could be a scientific discovery a religious development or one of a philosophical kind. However, it can be used in any situation where an enlightening realization permits an issue or a condition to be well comprehended from a deeper and new perspective.

Epiphanies are mainly studied by psychologists along with other scholars especially the ones making efforts of studying the innovation process. They are relatively rare happenings and usually follow a procedure of significant thought concerning a certain issue. In most cases they are triggered through a new and important type of information but significantly a depth of knowledge is needed beforehand to make it possible for comprehension.

Examples of epiphanies

One of the famous and commonly known epiphanies is the Archimedes realization of a way that was used to establish an object’s density. The falling apple used by Isaac Newton to give facts about the force of gravity acting on it and comparing it with that one which acts on the moon as it orbits was also a great epiphany.

In its original development, an epiphany was an insight that was divinely understood. In modern days it is a concept that has been used quite often without giving reference to such origins. However, it has popularly been used to imply a state of being supernatural since the discovery appears to come drastically from the outside. It is basically describes such revelations and knowledge that has not be held before.

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