Dental Hygiene

There is more to your mouth than teeth. Good oral health goes way beyond flossing and brushing. Along with the teeth, the human the mouth consists of your oral mucosa. There is also the upper and lower jaw bone, gums, uvula, tongue, frenulum, and the salivary glands. Each of these structures plays a very important role in proper dental hygiene. When you receive dental care they are frequently examined.

As you open your mouth in front of the mirror, everything except for the teeth is lined with a protective coating known as the oral mucosa. This mucous membrane is similar to the membranes that form the lining of your inner ears and nostrils. For the overall maintenance of your oral health, the oral mucosa plays a vital role. It also affects your health overall.

It helps to defend the body from irritants and germs that can enter in through the mouth. The oral mucosa is resistant to injury due to keratin, which can also be discovered in your hair and fingernails. The pinkish tissue that surrounds and supports your teeth is known as your gums. It is covered by the oral mucosa as well. The gums are very critical to your health overall. They are firm and cover the roots of your teeth. They should never bleed when brushed, prodded, or poked. If your gums become infected or a disease is contracted in the gums it can lead to loss of teeth. Taking care of your gums is as important as brushing your teeth and flossing is essential too.

Heart disease, stroke, and additional health issues can be linked to poor oral health. When you change your habits, the health of your mouth and be substantially improved and it will reduce your risk to these conditions. The development of better habits is the pathway to a healthier lifestyle overall. Eating better foods and proper hygiene after you eat can go a long way to helping you eat better.

For your overall health, how you care for your gums and teeth has direct affect. When you neglect your oral hygiene, it can lead to more than bad breath and sore teeth. It can open the pathway to all kinds of health issues, including nasty disease such as oral cancers. According to researchers, there are possible connections between gum issues such as problem pregnancies, bacterial pneumonia, stroke, or even heart disease. An unhealthy mouth makes it hard for your body to be healthy.

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