How To Create A Novel Definition Essay: Basic Manual For Dummies

Teachers often ask students to write novel definition essays, so they learn how to explain the meaning of different terms and concepts. It’s advisable to choose terms that depend on a person’s point of view, such as love, hate, wisdom, or independence. An effective definition essay usually explains the readers what concept is being defined in a clear manner. You should carefully select examples, facts, and evidence to help the readers understand a meaning of the term that you analyze.

To create a strong paper without a hitch, you can follow tips from a basic manual for dummies provided below:

  • Select a novel definition.
  • Selecting a novel definition is a key to write a successful paper. It’s recommended to choose the term that you understand well, so you’ll be able to define it for other people. You should find a dictionary and read the term’s definition there. Keep in mind that you can’t just copy the provided explanation. You should provide it in your own words and demonstrate your personal position.

  • Narrow down a chosen topic.
  • Remember that you can write forever about the concepts like love or compassion, so you need to limit a chosen term before you start to work on your essay. For example, you can write about platonic love or romantic love. It makes sense to focus your essay on several most important sides of a defined concept, so you’ll be able to fully explain it. Make sure to write about each characteristic in a separate paragraph.

  • Learn what your thesis statement should look like.
  • In a definition essay, a thesis statement is often simply a basic, well-known definition of a chosen term. If you borrow this explanation from a literature source, you should remember to cite it in a proper manner. Usually, you’re allowed to use footnotes or endnotes in such kind of papers. However, check the requirements of your teacher first, as he or she might ask you to compose a separate bibliography list.

  • Choose the best way to define a concept.
  • You have several options to choose from while you’re composing your assignment. Firstly, you can explain how something works or what something does. This is called a functional approach. Secondly, write about how something is organized. In other words, you should describe its structure. Thirdly, compare the analyzed concept to other similar ones. This is the easiest way to outline the special characteristics of the term that make it stand out.

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