18 Winning Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

If you are searching for 18 winning argumentative essay topics for middle school students, then consider the items on the list below:

  1. Write about whether you believe that sports in your school should be coed or whether they should continue to be broken up by gender.
  2. Write about whether you think it is healthy for schools to sell fast food inside of the cafeteria or if it provides students with more options.
  3. Write about whether you think your school needs to assign less homework than it does now.
  4. Discuss whether you think there is academic benefit afforded with wearing school uniforms
  5. Discuss whether bullying in school deserves a much more significant punishment than currently your school has
  6. Discuss whether you think teenagers should be banned from hanging out at local malls without adult supervision or if this rule is unnecessary
  7. Review whether students in their junior high years need a bed time
  8. Review whether you think students at your age should be allowed to stay home by themselves
  9. Review whether you believe that summer school is beneficial for students or whether it is only a means of punishment
  10. Explore whether you believe that sports in school should be a mandatory activity and why that is
  11. Explore how the school you attend could improve their lunch menu and in what ways
  12. Explore how the use of smart phones and tablets has hindered academic achievement, or improved it
  13. Explain whether children at your age need to have chores, or if there is no purpose to them other than for parents to annoy their children
  14. Explain whether you think students who participate in school sports should be allowed to skip their gym classes or not take them altogether
  15. Explain whether you think children your age should have to wear seatbelts, especially when they go on field trips that use a school bus
  16. Determine whether children should have to attend a year round school in order to improve their education and get more breaks on a regular basis; explain whether this is beneficial or not
  17. Determine whether or not your school should produce a school newspaper and whether they would help to inform children about what is happening on campus
  18. Determine whether you believe that higher allowances are necessary for kids your age
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