A List Of Unusual Argumentative Essay Topics To Consider

In an argumentative essay, you should express your opinion on a particular issue and support it with logical evidence. It’s important that you pick a really compelling topic to complete this writing assignment. Choose something you are passionate about. Moreover, your paper will only benefit if you select an unusual topic. Teachers are usually bored with reading quite similar essays on a range of standard topics, so stand out from the crowd and argue for an original point of view in your piece of writing. Your argumentative essay topic will be unusual if you:

  • Explore a forgotten issue.
  • Pick the subject that hasn’t been discussed for ages, and you will definitely grasp your reader’s attention.

  • Borrow some ideas from the media.
  • Of course, the majority of ideas that appear in the news are quite beaten, but the chances are high that you will come across an unusual idea.

  • Demolish a myth.
  • Pick any myth that is generally considered to be true and expose it. Your reader will definitely be surprised with the real state of affairs.

  • Liven up a usual topic.
  • If you are interested in an ordinary and routine issue, be original and look at it in an unexpected way. Namely, object to general assumptions and argue for the opposite point of view. Your arguments may not be so strong as the arguments of your opponents, but you have the right to your specific point of view, don’t you?

Here is a list of unusual argumentative essay topics. Use it to inspire you or pick any idea you like for your own paper.

  • Is it possible to become infected with success from famous and successful people?
  • Should children know the truth about Santa Claus?
  • Can some TV commercials be regarded as the objects of art?
  • Would Shakespeare’s plays become only better if modernized?
  • Do families benefit from conflicts?
  • Are energy drinks dangerous for our health?
  • Is the Bermuda triangle just a hoax?
  • Is it good to cheat sometimes?
  • Can parachuting really cure depressions?
  • Do online students have more chances to cheat?
  • Should “placebo effect” be officially used in hospitals?
  • Is the Internet slang a logical step in the language evolution and should it be included in dictionaries?
  • Can wars be just?
  • Should we forbid famous musicians and actors from supporting any political forces?
  • Can the lessons of handwriting be regarded as the things of the past?
  • Are poor leaders to blame for the bankruptcy of their companies?
  • Do modern cartoons negatively affect children?
  • Should more research on male pregnancy be conducted?
  • Should genetically modified products be forbidden?
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